Teachers Pension

The Teachers Pension is a way of saving for your long term future so you build a nest egg for later life. It is administered on behalf of the Government and provides you with an income for your retirement. The Teachers Pension Scheme is a Defined Benefit Scheme based on your annual pensionable earnings, re-valued each year. Both you and the Council will pay contributions towards the cost of your pension while you’re employed here at Ceredigion. The pension is for you and your loved ones, and does not belong to the Council or the Government.

Once you start teaching, you’re contractually enrolled into the scheme from day one. Your temporary Teachers’ Pension number, which you may have received at the end of your training, becomes your permanent number.

You can check your online benefit statement at any time, once you have registered onto My Pension Online. You can see what pension benefits you’ve built up and can work out how much pension you’ll receive at your chosen retirement date.

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