Auto Enrolment

autorenrolmentThe Government has introduced legislation which required all employers to automatically certain workers into a qualifying workplace scheme if they are not already in one.

The employees affected by the new legislation are those who:

  • are not already in a qualifying workplace pension scheme;
  • are at least 22 years old and below state pension age;
  • earn more than the minimum earnings threshold (£10,000 in 2014/15)
  • work in the UK

All newly appointed eligible employees, newly eligible existing employees and new and existing casual workers will be auto-enrolled into the Council’s pension scheme from now on.

From 1st October 2017 ALL eligible employees including existing opted-out employees will be auto-enrolled as set out in the Regulations. Any member of staff, once enrolled, may elect to opt out of the scheme at any time.

Paying into the Scheme

The Council will deduct pension contributions from your pay before deducting tax, thereby giving you tax relief on the amount you contribute to your pension.  The Council will also pay contributions towards your pension.  You and the Council will both pay into the Scheme every month.