How much does it cost?

You currently pay between 7.4% and 11.7% of the pay you receive for your contractual hours. The rate of pay depends on which band you fall into.

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Here are the pay bands (whole time pay) and rates that apply from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023. The bands usually change each April, and teachers pensions will announce any changes with plenty of notice.

Annual Salary Rate for the Eligible Employment from 1 April 2022 Member Contribution Rate
 Up to £29,187.99  7.4%
 £29,188 to £39.290.99  8.6%
 £39,291 to £46,586.99  9.6%
£46,587 to £61,742.99  10.2%
 £61,743 to £84,193.99  11.3%
 £84,194 and above  11.7%