Local Government Pension Scheme

The LGPS is a statutory, funded pension scheme and the Dyfed Pension Fund provides a wide range of retirement, family and death benefits, which are linked to your pay and guaranteed by your employer.

As a Council employee you will automatically become a member of the Dyfed Pension Fund unless you opt not to join.

From day one, you have life cover equivalent to three years pay (tax free). Children’s benefits may be payable. In addition you can increase your retirement benefits through additional voluntary contributions and if you leave voluntarily, benefits may be transferred to another scheme or preserved until you reach retirement age.
If you have to leave work at any age due to permanent ill health, which has to be certified by an independent occupational health physician appointed by your employer, the scheme provides a tiered ill health retirement package. This could give you benefits, paid straight away, and which could be increased if you are unlikely to be capable of gainful employment within 3 years of leaving.
If your employer wants you to retire at age 55 or over you will qualify for release of benefits.
On retirement you will receive a regular income for life with full inflation proofing.

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