Added Voluntary Contributions (AVC) for Local Government Pension Scheme

Any new application for AVC membership will be processed as an AVC Wise application. This requires you to agree to a salary sacrifice arrangement which will not only save you income tax but will also reduce the amount of national insurance that you will pay. Providing that your gross pay after allowing for the salary sacrifice is in excess of £490 in a month (correct per 2017/18) you will not have any reduction in the level of sick pay, maternity pay or adoption pay.  The salary sacrifice will not impact on your pension entitlements.

The link to the Dyfed Pension Fund provides contact details for Prudential and Standard Life and provides information regarding the AVC

If you decide to commence AVC Wise contributions you must arrange this directly with Prudential and Standard Life. The AVC providers will then contact the Council’s payroll team to arrange for the deduction from your salary to be made. The payroll team will then arrange to pay the deductions to the AVC providers who will allocate the funds to your individual AVC. One pound of the deduction from your salary will not benefit from a National Insurance saving but the remainder will. You are also required to complete the ‘Salary Sacrifice Consent Form’  and email it to the Council’s Payroll Team – if you do not do this the AVC deduction will not commence.