Paternity Leave and Pay

All fathers to be and partners of pregnant women are allowed to take unpaid time off to attend two ante-natal appointments with the expectant mother. The Council grants up to one week’s paid leave to the child’s father or the partner or nominated carer of an expectant mother from the day of birth and within a 56 day period after. A nominated carer is the person nominated by the mother to assist in the care of the child and to provide care to the mother around the time of the birth. Those employees who meet the statutory criteria will be entitled to a second consecutive week’s leave (Ordinary Paternity Leave), paid at the statutory rate. Detailed information on Paternity Leave and Pay can be found in the Work Life Balance Policy. Below however is guidance that may hopefully answer any general questions regarding entitlement to leave and pay that you might have.

Notification Process and Entitlement

Pay Timeline



When should I notify my line manager that I intend to take paternity leave?

You are required to notify your line manager of your intention to take paternity leave by the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth (EWC) (or in the case of an UK adoption 7 days before of being matched with a child or within 28 days of receiving official notification if an overseas adoption). You should do so by submitting a Paternity Leave Application Form together with a copy of the MAT B1 certificate (usually given by your Midwife).

When can I start paternity leave?

You can choose to start your ordinary paternity leave:

  • on the date of the baby’s birth (whether this is earlier or later than expected) or in the case of adoption on the adoption date;
  • from a chosen number of days or weeks (but within 56 days) after the date of the child’s birth/adoption date. Ordinary Paternity Leave must be completed: • within 56 days of the date of the birth (or in the case of adoption 56 days from the placement of adoption); or
  • if your child is born earlier than expected, between the birth and 56 days from the first day of the EWC.

Can I start paternity leave before the baby is born?

No, paternity leave cannot start until the birth of the baby; however employees may be able to take some annual leave before.

What if I want to change the date of the start of my paternity leave?

You can change the date on which you want your ordinary paternity leave to start by giving at least 28 days’ notice.

When will my paternity pay start?

Paternity pay will start when you commence paternity leave.

How much paternity pay will I receive?

You will be paid statutory paternity pay at the rate set by the Government for the relevant tax year or at a rate equivalent to 90% of average weekly earnings if your average weekly earnings are less than the standard rate for up to two weeks. Ceredigion County Council will enhance ordinary SPP to full pay for the first week of ordinary paternity leave.

Am I entitled to time off for my partner’s antenatal appointments?

Fathers and partners have the right to take unpaid time off work to accompany expectant mothers to up to 2 antenatal appointments.  In the event that you wish to attend additional antenatal appointments you should discuss the possibility of taking annual leave or working flexibly with your line manager.

What happens if I lose my job before beginning my SPP?

If you lose your job or stop work before the qualifying week (15th week before your baby is due/7 days before being matched with child) you will not be entitled to SPP. If you lose your job or stop work after the qualifying week, you will still be entitled to SPP.

How much SPP do I receive if I have a multiple birth?

You are only entitled to one SPP payment regardless of the number of children born. However, you may be entitled to Child Benefit for each child. Contact your local Benefits Agency for further details.

What happens if I am sick at the end of my paternity leave?

You will need a sick certificate from your doctor. You will be recorded as having returned from paternity leave, and you will then be on sick leave and will need to follow the normal departmental procedures for reporting sickness absence.

You will lose the Statutory Paternity Pay for that complete week.

Can I return part-time or to a job share?

If you wish to apply for a flexible working arrangement following paternity leave then you would need to do so in line with the Authority’s Work Life Balance Policy.

Can I go back on paternity leave once I have returned to work if it’s still within the maternity leave period?


Will I still be entitled to Annual Leave & Bank Holidays?

Annual leave and Bank Holiday entitlement is accrued during the whole period of paternity leave whether paid or unpaid. It may be beneficial to both yourself and your line manager to take annual leave before and/or after the formal (paid and unpaid) paternity leave period. The amount of leave to be taken this way or carried over must be discussed and agreed with the manager who will have to consider service commitments.

Will my pension contributions be interrupted?

During paid paternity leave, the Authority will continue to make pension contributions as if you are working and earning your normal pay. During the unpaid paternity leave, your occupational pension rights will continue to accrue. If you are already making contributions to the Local Government Pension Scheme and you decide to take the option of unpaid paternity leave, you will be required to pay the accumulated contributions to cover the unpaid paternity leave. The accumulated contributions are taken over a period of time from your salary when you return back to work.