The Meeting

Your manager will schedule a meeting, allowing adequate time, at a location that is accessible and without interruption. This is a one to one meeting; however, you may request a translator or British Sign Language interpreter. Please discuss this with your line-manager in advance of the meeting, if required.

During your appraisal meeting, the line manager will review your comments, and information submitted in section 1, discuss your performance, and consider objectives for the forthcoming year, taking into consideration any recommendations made by you. Please note however, that the manager has the final say with regards to the objectives set. You will also have an opportunity to discuss any health and well-being concerns that you may have, which could impact on your ability to achieve your objectives. Please note that if you do have any concerns regarding your health and wellbeing, you should speak to your line-manager immediately, and not wait for the annual review meeting. Confidential information regarding your health and wellbeing will not be recorded on the Ceri appraisal form.

Once your manager has completed their section during or after your meeting, you will be able to review the completed form in section 3, and provide a final comment regarding the appraisal, prior to submitting the form.