Telephone Rental Fees – Responses


The following responses were received:

No of Responses
Response was in agreement with the proposal 1
Response was not in agreement with the proposal 4
Total 5


In order to ensure openness and transparency the responses received have been summarised / grouped wherever possible. The response noted in the table below may therefore been paraphrased.

Response Reply
In agreement

I agree and support the new proposed entitlement

Comment is appreciated and noted.
Working at home costs

I would like to propose that a payment is made to staff working from home for increased costs by working from home on a permanent basis, e.g. electricity.

Employees are able to claim tax relief of £6 per week directly from HMRC for additional household cost if they are required to work from home.
Poor signal

Mobile phone reception is not available/reliable within my house and therefore I must have a landline phone to make and receive calls for work purposes.

Employees whose mobile signal is unreliable at home will not be able to work from home unless they put alternative communication methods in place.
Cost efficiency

The numbers of people that this apply are relatively low and I do wonder how much of a saving to the Council it gives and how much this would do damage in eroding the trust/fairness between employer/employee – Is it worth it?

The consultation proposal is to remove any inconsistency of entitlement to allowances across the workforce.


Implement proposal with effect from 1 April 2021.