flexiThe Flexi-time Scheme is a discretionary benefit, which is offered to all employees whose working arrangements allow an element of flexibility. It may not therefore be suitable for workers whose duties require a fixed working pattern.

The success of the Scheme depends entirely on the common sense and goodwill of employees and must operate according to the demands of the service. The demands of the service must always take precedence and you must therefore seek approval from your line manager before varying your start/finish times or taking any flexi leave.

Scheme Parameters:

The normal working hours for a Full Time Equivalent employee is:

Monday to Thursday: 8:45 to 13:00 & 13:45 to 17:00

Friday: 8:45 to 13:00 & 13:45 to 16:30

Core Hours:

On every working day, a minimum of 4 hours work must be completed, to include at least 2 hours of work before 1:00 pm and 2 hours of work after 1:00 pm. For example, you could work from 9 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 3 pm without having to book flexitime leave. Under the scheme no more than 6 hours must be worked without a break of at least half an hour. Flexi hours may be worked between the hours of 7:30am and 7:00pm. Employees must record any breaks i.e. cigarette breaks, breakfast breaks etc on their FLEXI SHEETS.

Accounting Period:

The Accounting period is 8 weeks and based on full time contracted working hours of 296 over that period and pro rata for part time.

Credit/Debit Hours and Carry Over:

A maximum 16 hours credit or 8 hours debit can be carried over from one accounting period to the next. Any hours in excess of 16 hours will be lost at the end of an accounting period If more than 8 hours debit is accrued without reasonable prior arrangement, then the disciplinary procedure may apply. For part time employees the maximum credit and debit will be on a pro-rata basis depending on the hours employed to work. Flexible hours Leave Up to 2 full or 4 half days flexi leave during each accounting period may be taken by agreement with your line manager. Flexi leave cannot be taken if it results in a debit of more than 8 hours.


On the grounds of equality of treatment for smokers and in fairness to those who do not smoke and who do not have official breaks from work, all “smoking breaks” must be taken in the employee’s own time. Should the frequency and duration of these breaks become excessive, to the point of adversely affecting service delivery; Senior Managers will be expected to place restrictions on those concerned. Please refer to the No Smoking policy for further information.

Abuse of the Scheme:

Abuse of this scheme may lead to disciplinary action and to the withdrawal of the flexitime benefit to the employee.

Where a half day flexitime leave has been agreed, each employee must complete at least 2 hours work before 1:00 pm in the case of afternoon leave and at least 2 hours work after 1:00 pm in the case of morning leave.