Welsh Language Standards

All staff members will need to comply with the Standards which went live on 30 March 2016, as they effect all teams within all services.

The purpose of the Welsh Language Standards is to increase and normalise the use of the Welsh Language so that Welsh speakers can use the Welsh Language in all walks of life; within their community, whilst accessing services and in the workplace if they choose to do so.

The Council places an emphasis on providing a good quality service, in Welsh or English, in our dealings with members of the public. Service users have a right to communicate with the Council in Welsh or English. This means that all new correspondence initiated by the Council must be sent to the public bilingually. At the point of initial contact, language choice must be offered and Council officers should provide services in the language of choice.

All services are required to implement the Welsh Language Standards as part of the Council’s statutory duty. Staff must have full regard to the Welsh Language Standards as non-compliance may be enforced by the Welsh Language Commissioner through legal proceedings. More information on the standards and guidance on their implementation can be found on the Welsh Language Standards page.

If you require further information, please contact the Language and Equality Policy Officer of the Council, Carys Lewis Morgan on 01545 574194 or Carys.morgan@ceredigion.gov.uk