Leaving Ceredigion County Council


The period of notice which you are required to give the Council in order to terminate your employment is as follows:

For employees on Grade 1 – 9: 4 weeks

For employees on Grade 10 & above 12 weeks

This is the minimum amount of notice that you are required to give. It would, of course, be extremely helpful to the Council if you could give a longer period of notice.

You should give your notice of resignation in writing and address it to your manager and send a copy to your Human Resources Manager.

Notice by Employer

The period of notice which the Council is required to give you in order to terminate your employment is as follows:

Continuous Service Notice Period
One month or more but less than two years 1 week
Two years or more but less than 12 years 1 week per year of continuous service
12 years or more Maximum of 12 weeks

For the purpose of assessing continuous service, all service with a previous public authority which is recognised as a continuous service employer within the national agreement for your employment group, shall be aggregated at full rate.

Summary Dismissal

A summary dismissal is the dismissal of an employee without notice. Only in exceptional circumstances, notably where an employee has conducted himself/herself in a way which is so bad that it could be categorised as “gross misconduct”, will dismissal without notice be justified. If instant dismissal is justified there is a specific exemption from any requirement to give notice (ERA 1996 s.86(6)).

Gross misconduct is regarded as misconduct of such a nature that it fundamentally breaches the contractual relationship between the employee and the employer and justifies management in no longer accepting the continued presence of the employee at the place of work.

Further details can be found in the Disciplinary Policy available here.


In line with recent legislation the Council has no compulsory retirement age.

The Council provides pre-retirement training courses for employees approaching retirement age.


Change is a fact of life for us and from time to time it will be necessary to change jobs and services which may result in the need for redundancy. In these circumstances we will aim to do this fairly, providing advice and support for you if you are at risk.

For further information please refer to the Managing Change Policy which is available here.

Holiday/Flexi leave

Prior to leaving, you will normally be expected to take your holiday before your last day at work. If however, you were not able to take all of your holiday entitlement due to service demands you will be reimbursed accordingly in your final salary payment.

If you have already taken more holiday or flexi-time than you are entitled to, we will reclaim this from your final salary payment.

There is no statutory right to payment for accrued flexi-time on termination of employment with the Authority.


After your employment with the Council ends, you must not disclose to any person or organisation any information, which came into your possession in the course of your employment relating the Council, its business, customers or clients, without first obtaining permission of the Chief Executive in writing.

This clause, however, will not prevent you from disclosing information to comply with a Court Order or to perform any statutory obligation. This does not affect your rights under the Council’s Whistle Blowing Policy.

Exit Interview

When you leave us you will be invited to complete an exit interview.  This gives you the chance to have your say about why you are leaving and will help us plan and improve our services in the future.


The departing employee and their manager will conduct a formal handover which will include the handover of on-going work and the return of Council property, e.g. mobile telephone, keys, hand-held computers, laptops, identity card and clothing.

A forwarding address should be provided.