Sickness Absence

The Council recognises that its employees are its most valuable resource but also that if employees spend less time at work than they are contracted to, there is a direct effect on the service that can be provided to the public and that sickness absence can become a significant drain on our limited resources.

If you are absent from work due to sickness then you must follow the procedure as set out in the Council’s Sickness Absence Policy, a copy of which can be obtained from your Line Manager, the Human Resources Section or here. Also available here is a sickness absence procedure leaflet that should answer any general questions you may have. Failure to follow the Sickness Absence Policy may make you liable to disciplinary action. It should be noted that the contractual entitlement to sick pay as shown is a maximum entitlement. Where it is clear that absence is likely to be long term it may not be reasonable to continue employment for the full term of the entitlement. It should be further noted that employees may be referred to the Authority’s occupational health service at any point during their employment.

Sick Pay

If you are absent from duty owing to illness, injury or other disability you shall be entitled to receive a maximum allowance in accordance with the following:

During 1st year of service Up to 1 month’s full pay and after completing 4 months service up to 2 months’ half pay
During 2nd year of service Up to 2 months’ full pay and 2 months’ half pay
During 3rd year of service Up to 4 months’ full pay and 4 months’ half pay
During 4th and 5th years of service Up to 5 months’ full pay and 5 months’ half pay
After 5 years of service Up to 6 months’ full pay and 6 months half pay

(Service = continuous service as defined in the national agreements for your employment group).

Sickness Absence Reporting Procedure

Sickness Absence Reporting Flow-chart