Health and Wellbeing Champions

Health and Wellbeing Champions will be allocated service areas and work alongside colleagues to understand what will work in that environment and select resources that fit their service areas accordingly.


Sarah Tagg

I would like to support my colleagues and the wider team in improving their health and wellbeing. There is a deep satisfaction from supporting people on their wellbeing path. Quality of life is important and my goal is to help people live their best life.


Natalie Chambers

I live with anxiety and depression and I understand the impact it can have on every area of our lives. Exercise and food is something I care a lot about as part of my holistic wellbeing. I firmly believe if we don’t take time to look after our wellness we could be forced to look after our illness. Health and wellbeing is something I am extremely passionate about.


Daniel Davies

I would like to work to find solutions for others who may be struggling with their health and wellbeing. This may not always be possible but I would like to at least put them on the path to finding sources of help and support.


Susan Kidd

Having witnessed the decline of my colleagues’ and my own mental health in recent years, I think it’s important and beneficial that we all support each other. I wanted to become a Health and Wellbeing Champion so that I can be part of the discussion on how we can make positive changes within the organisation that may benefit my friends and colleagues.


Sarah Smyth

As working practices have changed and we are working in a more hybrid way it is important to ensure that everyone is supported with their health and wellbeing. As a Health and Wellbeing champion I feel I am better placed to signpost members of my team and the wider organisation to any advice or guidance they may need.


Sarah Owens

I’m passionate about having conversations that motivate my colleagues to make healthier choices and also promote positive mental wellbeing among us.


Rebecca Williams

Health and wellbeing are individual to each person, I chose to become a Health and Wellbeing Champion to support my colleagues in achieving their goals and finding what’s important to them. Supporting other’s health and wellbeing is important to me.


Health and Wellbeing Supporters

If you are interested in health and wellbeing and would like to know more about the work we are doing, why not join us by becoming a Health and Wellbeing Supporter?

The Health and Wellbeing Supporters work to support the work of the Health and Wellbeing Champions by sharing information and updates with their teams.

Email to find out more or click here to submit an expression of interest and we’ll be in touch.