General Employment Matters

Performance Review

Ceredigion County Council recognises the need to continually improve the delivery of its services and its own internal operations. A key element in achieving this aim is to make the best use of its employees, their skill and their potential. To ensure that this is the case, all Council employees must take part in an annual Performance Review. The performance review should enable you to discuss, with your manager, your job performance, your future and the discussion should aim for a clearer understanding of:

  • The main scope and purpose of your job.
  • Agreements on your objectives and tasks.
  • Standards or targets for measuring your performance.
  • Your training and future development. needs

Please click here to view the following documents for more info:

Performance Management Policy
Performance Management Employee Guidance

Continuous Service

If you have previous continuous employment with an organisation covered by the Redundancy Payments (Modification) Order (which includes local authorities and related bodies) or a TUPE Transfer Agreement this will be recognised in calculating your entitlement to:

  • Annual holiday entitlement
  • Sickness pay
  • Maternity or paternity leave
  • Redundancy payment
  • Notice period
  • Pensions

Previous service with the NHS will be recognised in calculating your entitlement to :

  • Annual holiday entitlement
  • Sickness pay
  • Maternity or paternity leave
  • Notice period
  • Pensions (subject to transfer in)

Trade Unions

The Council supports the process of collective bargaining and promotes the development of employee relations through consultation, negotiation and agreement. For practical purposes this can only be conducted by representatives of the employers and employees. The Council respects your right to be a member of a trade union of your choice.
The following Trade Unions are recognised by the Council for collective bargaining purposes:

  • GMB