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Frequently Asked Questions


What will I be doing on my first day?

Your Line Manager will welcome you and introduce you to your colleagues.  You will be taken on a tour of your immediate work area to ensure that you are aware of fire exits & assembly points, toilets, coffee/tea area etc. Every effort will be made to make you feel at home and you will be assigned a mentor who will assist you with any queries that may have during your first few days.

Your Line Manager will ensure that you are clear as to your duties, responsibilities and working hours and will explain the role of your team and/or department within the Council.    Important procedures such as sickness absences reporting or accidents and incidents reporting will be made clear to you.  You will be given an introduction to CERi Self-Service and asked to read the Corporate Induction pages on CERi-net.

Where can I park my car?

The Know your Workplace page contains a wealth of information relating to our largest office buidlings including availablility of parking facilities. If however, your place of work isn’t listed on the page, please visit the Service Induction page where you should be able to locate the contact details of your service’s HR rep who will be able to advise you

When will I get paid?

One twelfth of your annual salary plus any allowances if applicable will be paid monthly in arrears to your designated bank account normally on the last working day of each month.

When can I take annual leave?

New starters will receive one-twelfth of their leave entitlement for every month of service in the leave year of entry. Details regarding holiday entitlement can be found here.

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