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Our Vision and Objectives

“It is the vision of Ceredigion County Council that we will aim to deliver value for money sustainable bilingual public services that support a strong economy and healthy environment while promoting well-being in our people and our communities”

Corporate Strategy 2017-2022

The Corporate Strategy identifies and explains the main priority areas for the Council over the next 5 year period. These priority areas are influenced by national policies and priorities, the self-evaluation processes, stakeholder engagement, the Local Well-being Assessment, and a diverse range of consultation events.

The strategy also includes the Well-being and Improvement Objectives 2018-2019. The four main priorities are:

  • Boosting the Economy
  • Investing in People’s Future
  • Enabling Individual and Family Resilience
  • Promoting Environmental and Community Resilience.

These priorities will enable the delivery of services that will enhance the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being for the citizens of Ceredigion. Each priority refers to the issues which needs to be addressed, what we want to achieve/improve, the outcomes sought, how we will make a difference, and the well-being objectives.

To view the Corporate strategy, click here.

To view a summary of the Corporate Strategy, click here.

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