How to View/Add/Amend Relocation Claims

This article provides information on viewing your payment and benefits information within the Ceri self-service system


Adding a Relocation Claim

  • To add a Relocation claim click on the Add Claim button
  • You are now presented with a new window which requires you to complete the following:

    • Start Date: Start date should be the first date of the month your claiming for or the date of commencement if you started your employment within the claim month
    • Job Title: Select the relevant job title from the dropdown that the claim relates to
    • Claim Template: Select Relocation Claim from the drop down list
      • Once fields are completed click on New
    • The Relocation claim form will now be presented for completion
    • Follow on screen guidance on how to complete each page on the claim

Note: Only one claim should be submitted per calendar month and each claim should only contain dates within that month

Saving a Relocation Claim

Relocation claim form can be saved without submitting

  • Click Save draft – At any point during the claim month
  • The claim will then remain in a Provisional state and can be accessed again to amend/add additional rows to the claim prior to submission.

Submitting a Relocation Claim

To submit a Relocation claim form you will require to:

  • Click Submit within the claim form
  • You will get prompted to enter your password – this will be the same as your Ceri password
  • Your Relocation claim form should now be in the ‘Awaiting Authorisation’ status ready to be ‘Authorised’ and emails will be generated to both Human Resources and employee
  • Fuel receipts are not uploaded to Ceri but should be dropped off at the office collection point

Amending a Submitted Relocation Claim

Once a Relocation claim has been submitted and is still in ‘Awaiting Authorisation’ Status it is still possible to amend the claim

  • Click on the relevant Relocation Claim
  • Click Cancel
  • The Relocation Claim will now revert back to ‘Provisional’ status and emails will be generated to Human Resources and employee
  • Click on the relevant Relocation Claim once more and amend
  • Click Submit
  • The Relocation Claim once more will go back to ‘Awaiting Authorisation’ status

Searching for a Relocation Claim

To search for authorised Relocation Claims:

  • Click the Magnifying glass next to Add Claim
  • Click on Search to retrieve all claims or select a date range to bring back specific claims
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