How to Add ‘Private vehicles’

This article provides information on adding or amending your private vehicle details within the ‘Personal’ section of the Ceri self-service system.

Adding a Private Vehicle

Within the Private vehicles section you will be able to Add Vehicle details. This is required prior to making any travel claim.

  • To add a Vehicle you will need to click the Add vehicle button


  • Complete the following fields:
    • Vehicle Type – Select from drop down list
    • Vehicle Registration – This is your vehicles registration number
    • Start Date – This should be the date of purchase, but must be prior to date of claim
    • End Date – This should only be inputted if you have sold the vehicle (any new vehicle will then have a new start date)
    • Engine Size – This should be the c.c. of the vehicle e.g. 2 litre should be entered as 2000.
    • Fuel Type – Please enter from the drop down
    • Default vehicle for expenses – Tick this box to make it your default vehicle (if you have multiple vehicles registered then this should only be on the main vehicle)
  • Click Save

Note: When adding a new vehicle consider ending the previous vehicle if no longer used. Do not delete this vehicle or amend the Vehicle Registration.

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