Known Defects on Ceri (People Manager)

Please find below a list of known defects that are with the software supplier for a resolution:

Module  Defect  Workaround  Resolution
 Appraisal Entering Objectives in Welsh Language Do not enter any objectives via the appraisal form. Enter via the Objective Summary page on People Manager. Case raised with Supplier.
 Appraisal Objectives not saving where there are invalid characters.

Characters that can cause issues are (“, <, >, -, and bullet points.

Manually type in values instead of copying from word. Case raised with Supplier.
Mileage and Expenses Attached receipt greyed out when clicking on paperclip Refresh screen will resolve issue. Case raised with Supplier.
Chrome Browser The Software Supplier have identified various issues relating to Chrome V75 – They are currently investigating these issues but at this point in believe there is an error in Chrome Use a different browser such as Internet Explorer. Case raised with Supplier.
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