How to view and complete the appraisal form

This article provides guidance on viewing and completing an employees appraisal form within the People section of the Ceri People Manager system.

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Appraisal Progress

 Note: The appraisal form will only be available to managers once the employee has generated and submitted section 1 via Ceri Self-Service. If the employee hasn’t submitted you won’t see a green tick box against Section 1 (Employee).

Accessing the Appraisal form

Completing the manager pages of the form

  • Follow the instructions within the form to complete the required fields
  • Note: All 3 employee screens should be marked as completed before manager pages should be completed
  • Note: Previous year objectives will not be available in the appraisal form if this is the first year in position
  • Use the instructions at the bottom of each page to navigate and submit the completed form

Page 4 – Manager Review

Page 5 – Manager L&D

Page 6 – Manager Plan

Submitting the form – After page 6

  • Once you have submitted the form your employee will receive an email notification and will be able to view your comments
  • Note: It is imperative to submit the form once completed else your employee will not be able to complete the employee confirmation (page 7)
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